So You Want to Be
an  mplant Dentist?

Training and mentoring from Pav Khaira & The Academy of Implant Excellence is the comprehensive, accessible and effective route to implant success.


Here’s My Story

As a youngster, my grandfather was my superhero. I remember play-fighting with him when he’d visit from India and trying to break his superhuman hold.

I’ll never forget the day we spoke on the phone soon after I earned my registration.

“Puttar,” he said, using the Punjabi term meaning ‘son’—the affectionate name he always called me—“I have something to ask of you.”

He was much older now than when we’d played all those years ago, his voice weaker. It was the first time I’d heard even a hint of vulnerability in this king among men.

His next words would change my life.

“I’ve lived a blessed life,” he went on. “But when the family eats, I can no longer eat with them. I have to eat alone in my room. My dentures hurt so much.”

“Pav,” he said finally. “Can you give me new teeth?”

I felt utterly helpless, as a newly qualified dentist, telling my grandfather I didn’t yet have the skills or experience to help him. His silence from the other end of the line, all those miles away, was deafening.

Unlike my grandfather, I’m no superhero. Although I guess you could say this is my origin story.


I’ve Spent £250K…
So You Don’t Have to

Even though I couldn’t give my grandfather the comfortable old age he deserved, I resolved to help as many others as I could.

Since then, I’ve travelled the world, spending much more than I should on training with some of the most talented figures in implantology—making plenty of clinical and marketing mistakes along the way.

But I’ve also successfully completed thousands of implants that changed the lives of patients just like my grandfather.

Passing on my knowledge and experience is my way of ensuring the life-changing science of implantology has the widest possible reach.

You don’t need to be a superhero—or have a cool origin story—to be a confident implant dentist.

All you need is the will to help patients lead happier, healthier lives, and the ambition to get ahead in one of dentistry’s most rewarding (and lucrative) disciplines.

So. Are you ready?


Three Steps to Implant Success

Over 14 years in implantology and training, I’ve refined a repeatable three-stage protocol to give clinicians the knowledge and experience to confidently go solo with implants.


Cut the BS

In my experience, too many implant courses make implants seem needlessly complex. Be prepared to forget everything you know as I demystify the subject, cut through the marketing BS and focus on the evidence-based techniques that deliver results.


Kitchen Sink Included

I’ve meticulously gathered together the fruits of years of intensive training and practice to deliver the most comprehensive theory program available. When seeing the packed syllabus, implant friends and colleagues all gave the same response: “Holy. Sh*t.”

But don’t let that put you off. Everything is delivered in a way that’s relatable, understandable and—more importantly—easy to translate into practice.


Wax On. Wax Off

Theory is nothing without practice. With my support, you can put new skills to work and repeat your successes until they become second nature. And if you’re one of those delegates who never see a return on investment in training because you lack the confidence to go it alone, my flexible additional mentoring is all the support you’ll ever need.

Hours of in-depth video lectures

Get Training

My flagship training isn’t for everyone. To say it’s intense is an understatement—but what else would you expect from a syllabus that packs in absolutely everything I’ve learned from spending more than £250K on courses, placing +1000 complex cases, and treating many more simple cases?

In over 80 hours of in-depth video lectures, I cut straight to the core of implantology, showing you how to treat safely, confidently and profitably.

The content represents the most comprehensive implant training around—and the last and only course you’ll ever need. Implant diploma graduates who’ve taken the course say the depth is simply mind-blowing.

If you can find more comprehensive implant training elsewhere,
I’ll eat my hex.


Join Crash Course

En Cuba!

Crash Course en Cuba is an intensive implantology training deep dive in Havanna, Cuba.

Join me in the legendary city to place 20 implants and attend lectures with Cuba’s finest clinicians and sample the legendary sights, sounds and culture of Havanna. There is also an option to perform 5 sinus lifts during this course.

Place 20 implants and
attend lectures with
Cuba’s finest clinicians

Take Off with Mentoring

No matter how good the course material is, expecting dentists to start placing implants after watching a series of online lectures would be insanity.

So why do so many training providers still roll that way?

With my one-to-one mentoring programme, we’ll practice together until you have the confidence to go take on complex full-arch cases. You can take as long as you need to get there, and when you’re confidently flying solo, I’ll stay available for planning and further case support when you need it.

Imagine removing the number-one barrier to implant success and accepting your first case today. You can with mentoring!


What Dentists Say

About the Academy of Implant Excellence
“I’ve learned a great deal more than what I learned on my MSc…If you’re thinking about choosing Pav, I can highly recommend it. He’s always there and always accessible.”
“If you are getting to the point where you are—like me—not a complete beginner but by no means a finished product, Pav’s academy is a great place to be…I thoroughly recommend it…Having Pav as a mentor is a golden opportunity!”
Peter Doyle

Meet Pav Khaira

My origin story should tell you everything you need to know about my passion for implant dentistry and training. If you’d like to find out about my academic credentials, lecturing roles and hands-on experience, head to my biography page to learn more.