“If I have Seen Further, it is by Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.”

Isaac Newton


Anyone—even non-dentists—
can grasp the theory of implants.

But it would take a daring (or outright insane) clinician to go ahead putting surgical theory into practice on patients without some form of guidance and support.

In my experience, a lack of one-to-one support is the number one reason why dentists spend ££thousands on learning the theory without ever putting it into practice and the single most significant barrier to career progression in the profession.

My flexible one-to-one mentoring is designed to remove these barriers, allowing you to take the next steps on your implant journey with confidence.


Tailored to You

No two implant careers follow the same trajectory.

It doesn’t matter if you are wondering how to place your first single implant or unsure how to progress from simple to full-arch cases and grafting—you can achieve your goals with mentoring designed around your needs, skillset and goals.

Mentoring usually takes the form of intensive one-to-one training planning and treating cases together at your clinic.

I’ll also reveal ethical patient communication and marketing techniques to help you boost case acceptance and practice profitably and confidently.



Already taken the first steps on your implant journey? Feel as though you could use some occasional support instead of a rigorous one-to-one programme? No problem!

I know that no two implant careers ever follow the same trajectory, so I also offer flexible, informal mentoring to help you overcome and push through your unique challenges.

And while I believe that learning to place implants is best achieved with hands-on and over-the-shoulder support, I also occasionally offer online mentoring to suitable candidates.

What Dentists Say

About My Mentoring
“I’ve learned so much…As a mentor, Pav is very welcoming and allows you time to ask questions. He has a very good way of making things simple and doable in general practice.
“Getting mentoring at this level isn’t cheap…but you have to be able to invest in yourself…there’s nothing like having someone in your practice with you doing cases…you learn faster…I’m getting years of experience by having Pav come into my practice.”

Get Free Mentoring

Yes really! I offer free mentoring and over-the-shoulder support if you bring the patient to my clinic and they pay my fee. But here’s a fair warning: I make no bones that my rates aren’t the lowest around.


Your Next Steps…
and Beyond

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mentoring? Fill in the contact form to arrange a fact-find call.