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Can You Do Goodbyes?

Goodbyes are never easy. But the day you say au revoir to your implant referral guy and start taking on your own cases is sweet. With training from the Academy of Implant Excellence, that day could come sooner than you think.

I don’t like to add up the amount I’ve spent on training over the years. But if I had to take a guess, I’d say it was somewhere around £250K.

And then there are the clinical mistakes I’ve made along the way…

The Academy of Implant Excellence is my way of helping fellow professionals leap the same financial and clinical pitfalls—and kickstart their implant careers with confident, proficient practice from the get-go.

I’ve packed everything I know about implants into almost 100 hours of online video lectures to create the definitive course I wish I’d had access to when I first started out.

I also offer additional personal mentoring and over-the-shoulder support, which means there are no excuses for putting what you learn into practice and finally attaining the implant career you’ve been reaching for.

Basic to advanced practice—go all the way from single implants to full arch treatment with grafting.

Your ambition is the only limit!

Implant basics, design, selection and indications

Anatomy – the ultimate guide for implantologists

Simple, repeatable clinical techniques and protocols for success

Immediate placement – patients LOVE this option!

Keeping clinically safe with proper record keeping

Patient communication – how to talk about implants like a seasoned pro

Assessing like a BAMF

Marketing your implant services

Myths Vs reality – including risks, and what to do when things go wrong

Bonus sedation content you won’t find on any other implant training


So What’s Included?

The training follows my three-step protocol for success, starting with the basics and culminating in the master’s-level theory behind advanced and complex cases.

There’s a long list coming up, so grab a coffee. In the meantime, here’s the TLDR.

Read on for the full syllabus in all its comprehensive glory. Each of these subjects is a detailed online video lecture covering everything you’ll need to know about the topic—and then some.

Module 1 – Implant Essentials

Start from zero and confidently take on your first simple implant and bone grafting cases.



The Comprehensive Implant Intro

  • Essential components and terminology—the basics
  • Bone and soft tissue healing processes
  • Osseointegration, biomaterials and biocompatibility
  • Macro & micro implant selection for integration and stability
  • Connection types, placement depth and indications for use
  • Sutures & surgical instruments: An introduction
  • Simple, atraumatic (for you and your patient!) extractions
  • The aseptic technique

Background Theory

Everything You Need to Know

  • Anatomy for implantologists
  • Assessing implant patients—the definitive guide
  • Understanding and recognising risk factors and contraindications
  • Saving Vs replacing teeth
  • Diagnostic software—the basics
  • Consent and record-keeping: What you need to know

Implants In Practice

Placement Starts Here

  • Biological ageing of implants and super-osseointegration
  • Osteotomy protocols and protocol modification in differing bone types
  • Advanced drill designs and biological drilling
  • 3D implant placement
  • Achieving bone level stability
  • Anterior aesthetic implants: Requirements and limitations
  • Basic flap design and suturing techniques
  • Implant restoration types: an overview
  • Impression techniques for single and multiple implants cases (screw, cement, ASC, reverse margin & zinc phosphate cement
  • Occlusal requirements in implantology
  • Prosthesis fitting protocols

Next-Level Practice

Grafting, Augmentation, Immediate Placement & Marketing

  • Basic ridge preservation and grafting protocols
  • Biomaterials for bone augmentation
  • Peri-operative pharmacological protocols
  • Concepts and requirements for immediate placement
  • Common complications: prevention and management
  • Peri-implantitis: prevention and management
  • Implant maintenance protocols
  • Advanced marketing and patient communication for implantologists

Module 2 – Full-Arch and Aesthetics

Make the move to more aesthetic implant dentistry, including sinus lifts, PRF,
& and your first simple full-arch cases


Theory and Techniques for Full-Arch and Aesthetic Implants

  • Getting to grips with the sinus
  • Anatomy, biology, clinical and radiographic assessment
  • Pre-operative preparation, instrumentation and materials
  • Lateral wall 2-stage technique
  • Lateral wall 1-stage technique
  • Biomaterials: Choices for success
  • Crestal approaches: tap, upfracture and bicortical fixation
  • Osseodensification crestal approach
  • Intra-operative complications
  • Postoperative complications
  • Crestal approach complications
  • Graft infection risk factors
  • Myths and realities

Focus on Aeshtheics

  • Socket shields: rationale, pros, cons and case selection
  • Principles of gingival contour development
  • Perioplastic surgery for health and aesthetics
  • Dealing with misplaced implants

Immediate Placement Masterclass

  • Anterior and posterior socket classification for immediate implant placement
  • Anterior and posterior Immediate placement protocols
  • Immediate placement in compromised and ‘unsuitable’ situations
  • Surgical guides in multiple implants and full arch implantology
  • Understanding osseodensification

Staying Safe

Risk ID & Management

  • Osteoimmunology essentials
  • MRONJ risk factors and treatment protocols
  • Managing patients with complex medical histories
  • Oxidative stress, PRF and sticky bone essentials
  • Healing factors: Systemic health, inflammation, nutrition and exercise

Module 3 – Full-Arch Mastery

Now you’ve absorbed everything from the first two modules, I’ll reveal the advanced full-arch
techniques to take your practice to complete full-arch mastery.


Assess and Plan like a BAMF

  • Full-arch assessment
  • Developing prosthodontic treatment plans
  • Surgical planning and strategies
  • Restoring full arches

The Truth About Pterygoids

Techniques for Success

  • Implant design for pterygoids
  • Incisions and flap designs for pterygoid implant placement
  • Targeting and landmarks
  • Assessing and treating weak pterygoid plates
  • Diagnosing ‘one-shot’ cases
  • Critical cases: Pterygoid success and contingency planning
  • Impacted 3rd molars and pterygoid implant placement
  • Trans-sinus approaches to pterygoid implant placement
  • Gaining access for pterygoid implants
  • Opposing teeth, pterygoid implants and bar design

Hands-On at Your Clinic

In your environement with your patients and team is how we deliver our hands-on training.


The theory will only take you so far

And no matter what other training providers say, it’s impossible to become a confident implantologist without getting your fingers wet somewhere down the line.

What’s more, hands-on training is most effective when you’re one-on-one with experts in a familiar environment.

That’s why my hands-on training features a day treating an advanced or complex case alongside me or an accredited mentor at your clinic.

Hands-on is hands-down the fastest and most effective method of building the experience and growing the confidence you need to go solo with lucrative implant treatments.

Bonus Content—Sedation Masterclass

Implants and sedation go hand in hand. So, in addition to all of the content on basic to complex assessment, planning and treatment above, I’ve also put together a sedation masterclass.

The free bonus module will help you understand the critical role of sedation in implant dentistryandwork moreclosely with anaesthetists during surgery.


Over to You…

There are many roads you could take from here: A master’s degree packs in a good chunk (but not all) of the content included in my pathway to advanced implant mastery.

With the right support throughout training and beyond, you could be up and running with basic cases in a few years.

Alternatively, you could find a clinical mentor to show you the ropes and work your way, case by case, to advanced implant mastery and grab the theory where you can along the way.

There is another way.

Investing in my training gives you all of the theory you’ll ever need for a lifetime in successful, profitable implantology.

Add additional one-to-one mentoring to get the missing piece of the jigsaw—invaluable hands-on experience—and a profitable career in implants could be much closer than you think.

If you’re already regularly referring implants, you could be treating your first implant case alongside me as soon as next week.


Invest in Your Future

All three of my intensive training modules, comprising a trove of more than 80 hours of in-depth yet accessible video lectures, are available now at just £9000.

Enrolment includes my bonus module on dental sedation and also unlocks access to my exclusive clinical mentoring programme featuring one-to-one support guaranteed to light the fuse on your implant career.

If you’re already referring implant cases, investment is a no-brainer that will see fast returns and mean you can confidently give a joyful yes to your next potential implant patient.


But Don’t Take My Word for It

“I’ve learned a great deal more than what I learned on my MSc…If you’re thinking about choosing Pav, I can highly recommend it. He’s always there and always accessible.”
“If you are getting to the point where you are—like me—not a complete beginner but by no means a finished product, Pav’s academy is a great place to be…I thoroughly recommend it…Having Pav as a mentor is a golden opportunity!”
Peter Doyle

Don’t Waste any More Time or Money on Training

I’ve spent the money training with the world’s best, so you won’t have to.

I’ve made every clinical mistake in the textbook, so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

And I’m now sharing every last shred of knowledge that’s helped me carve a successful career carrying out thousands of complex cases so you can follow in my footsteps.


Get the Missing Link

I’ve designed my implant training to stand as one of the most comprehensive and in-depth theory courses available.

Inside is a trove of information you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again throughout the course of your career.

But what about practical and hands-on support to help you put everything into practice safely?

That’s where my flexible one-to-one mentoring comes in. Head to my mentoring page to discover how you can start accepting your first implant cases TODAY—no experience required!